Paul Reddick Exposes the Secrets That Turned His Coaching Business into a 6-Figure Enterprise

How You Can Start Your Own 6-Figure Baseball Instruction Business

Discover The Methods and The Tactics That Will Allow You To Become Your Own Boss, Coach The Sport You Love and Generate The Income You Deserve!

From: Paul Reddick

To: Anyone Who Is Passionate About Baseball and Coaching…

The best decision I ever made was to start my own instruction business.


  • Because I am my own boss – and I have all the freedom that comes along with it
  • I make a 6-figure salary with NO employees and NO overhead
  • I actually get to work at something I truly love
  • AND… it made me a local celebrity in the world of baseball coaching

I am here to tell you that anyone with a passion for baseball can start their own instruction business – with very little investment required.

In fact, Baseball Instruction is one of the only businesses in the world you can start without any overhead, without any experience and without any start-up capital… and instantly start generating hundreds of dollars each day!

And if you make the right choices and follow the right system… YOU can turn your own coaching business into a hassle-free, 6-Figure Enterprise.

But before you jump right in, I want you to understand that there are a LOT of mistakes you can with an instruction business…

Mistakes that can hurt your credibility, ruin your profits and destroy your business (sometimes before you even really get it off the ground).

How do I know about these mistakes?

Because I have made them all!

It took me several years to over-come these mistakes – and it took me several years of studying business management and marketing to establish a truly successful business…

But eventually I developed a fool-proof system that has brought me more profits and more success than you can ever imagine.

How You Can Take Your Love Of Coaching And Build A Lucrative and Successful Business…

When you read my bio, you are going to see that I have been lucky enough to build-up a pretty impressive resume.

I have coached in the minor leagues. I have been a delegate for USA Baseball. I co-authored a book with Tom House and am currently Yogi Berra’s baseball camp director.

I have ghost written over a dozen best-selling instructional baseball books and I was a major league scout for over 12 years, most recently with the Pittsburgh Pirates.

But the truth is that when I started my business, I had NONE of these things going for me.

In fact, most of this stuff came about BECAUSE I started my own baseball training business.

When I started my instruction business, I was nothing more than a bad ex-baseball player who had a love of pitching. I was coaching (for free) some high school league.

I didn’t have a name for myself; I didn’t have an impressive resume.

All I had was a great love for the game and a great love for coaching. Now I have a 6-figure coaching business (along with many other baseball businesses I have developed).

And now I have decided to share my secrets and give away the exact business blueprint I have developed over the years.

With my methods you are going to have the security you need to start you own instruction business – without any fear or worry – and avoid all the nasty, little mistakes that are business killers.

I was 20 years old – coaching a high school league (for free) – when someone asked me if I gave private coaching lessons.

I tried not to act surprised, and I managed to stutter out, “Yeah, $15 per hour”.

After that first, private $15 lesson I was on cloud nine. I had actually gotten PAID to coach baseball.

As I was driving home that night, I started doing the math… 8 hours per day at $15 is $120 bucks… $120 bucks per day for 5 days is $600 per week!

It was then I decided to start my very own instruction business.

So I started developing flyers and I started advertising my $15 per hour coaching sessions all over town. I realize now the mistakes I was making, the money I was losing on bad advertising and the time I was wasting.

But I was young, I had a lot more energy than I do now and I was driven… and I slowly started getting more and more clients.

And I have to tell you… when you start giving instruction your creditability will skyrocket. People give you respect like you wouldn’t believe.

You become somewhat of a local celebrity! Every parent wants their kid to have “that guy” give their kid personal baseball lessons.

It wasn’t until I started making smarter choices and making good business decisions that my coaching business really took off.

What Happened?

If you are a good coach you will start getting referrals and you will start to build a name.

Soon I was working 6 hours every single night – Monday through Friday. Then I was doing 8 hours a day on Saturday and Sunday. I was doing the equivalent of 46 hours of lessons each week.

As the years went on, my rate went up as my list grew and as I built my business. I even got it to the point where I was earning $50 for a half hour.

I was earning $100 bucks and hour and about $4000 a week coaching baseball.

I was making a very good living, but the problem is this…

If you have ever given a lesson, you know what hard work it is to give a lesson. You only have so much energy in the day – and you are giving these lessons every single day, you know how easy it is to get burnt out.

Of course, lots of people work a 46 hour week. But when you are giving a baseball lesson, there is no down time. I didn’t get to take a break, or check my email, or sit in a meeting where I didn’t have to talk much. I was ON for 46 hours each week – talking and thinking and working all the time. That is some hard work.

What’s more is that each client that comes to you expects you to be fresh and on top of your game. And you have an obligation to give your last lesson of the day the same amount of energy as you do your very first lesson of the day. You have to be 100% all the time.

So even though I was making a great living coaching baseball, I was making a LOT of terrible mistakes – and some bad stuff started to happen.

I was booked all the time!

I literally had no time to do anything else. I had no time to work-out and I had no time to spend with my girlfriend.

I would wake-up in the morning and get to work running the “desk” part of my business – scheduling, invoices, etc. Then I was right back on the field.

  • With no time to work-out or eat healthy… I got fat. I weighed 247lbs!
  • I was drinking at least four 20oz. Starbucks coffees each day, I even had parents who would bring me coffee through the day!
  • I would be so wound-up after drinking so much coffee that I started pounding a few beers every night just to calm down.

I was stuck in a very unhealthy cycle and I was developing some pretty serious health problems.

I didn’t have time to take care of myself, I didn’t have time to get married or start a family. I would even close my eyes at night and see baseballs being thrown…

And that is when I really started to NOT like what I did.

I know that the player who had my last lesson of each day wasn’t getting my best. And that was not a place I wanted to be. I felt like I was cheating my customers.

But I had another problem… I had “copy-cats” popping up – Which means that I wasn’t the only guy in town offering pitching lessons. And these guys were taking business away from me.

Between my competition and my lifestyle choices, I was losing a grip on my business – and my life.

Then one day I checked my bank account
and I had $18 to my name!
I was broke!

I had moved into a nice townhouse, I was spending money trying to advertise and run my business, I was wasting money on this and that… and one day I realized that I was BROKE!

I still am not sure how I spent all that money; I am still not sure how I let it all get away from me. But I had to swallow my pride and I had to move into my grandmother’s attic.

Here I was, this “big success”… who all of a sudden was broke, fat and moving into my grandmother’s attic.

Right about this time, when I was hitting bottom, the season was about to start. So the money that I had coming in was instantly cut in half.

That is when I hit a wall and I knew I had to make a change. I knew that there had to be a better way.

With my business slowing down because of competition and the off season… I had a little extra time. And I started working on my marketing and getting my business better organized.

I took my free time and I studies marketing. I read books on running a successful business. I took courses on effective advertising.

And about a month after I started this study, I realized that I was doing it all wrong. I had built a business around a model that consumed all my time.

And the worst part was that I had reached a point where I was making the most amount of money I could make.

With my old business model I had reached the highest peak I could reach. I could have never made any more money than I was already making. And I would have never been able to grow and expand my business.

I could have hired people to work for me, but I didn’t want to do that. I still don’t have anyone working for me because I like working for myself and by myself.


Well, I never found anyone that was a passionate about baseball pitching as I was. And I didn’t want to manage anyone else and I didn’t want any employees approaching my customers.

So I decided to re-organize my business.

Not only did I re-organize my business… but I changed my entire business model where I could:

  • work less hours
  • make more money
  • set myself apart from all the other competition
  • GET PAID UP-FRONT and in advance

Since I had about 20% of my clients either cancel or become a no-show, getting paid up-front was crucial to me. And getting paid up-front automatically allowed me to shave 20% off my work load without having to worry about losing any money. That was 10 or 11 hours a week I got back.

Then I started shaving my hours down even further by finding clients who were willing to pay more money for longer, more in-depth lessons.

And in order to deal with all the copy-cats and all the other competition that was coming along… I started setting myself apart from everyone else.

So I started putting these changes into my business, I started using the right marketing tools and started managing my time and my money better.

My Business Model Now Handles All The Problems and Issues More Coaches Face – With EASE!

I have it DOWN. I know how to effectively market without spending hardly any money, I know how to manage my business without all the hassles…

I Designed A 6 FIGURE Plan with only 36 students & only 20 hours of work per week.

I was able to give all of my students my absolute best, I was able to earn more money, and I was able to regain my life!

But here is the amazing part…

  • The only employee that I have is a kid (usually a former student) I pay to be my catcher.
  • I have no over-head… no rent, no utilities.
  • My equipment cost is minimal – less than 300 per year.

I have 20 students that pay me an extremely high fee to train year-round. There is no off season and there are no cancelations to worry with.

Not only do I get paid a high fee, but I get paid all this money UP-FRONT…

On Sept 1 of every year, I go to the bank and deposit all the money I am going to make for the entire year. IT IS ALL IN MY BANK ACCOUNT BEFORE I EVER COACH THE FIRST SESSION.

And honestly, the look on the banker’s face when a guy in shorts and a baseball cap deposits 6 figures is pretty priceless.

But the best part is that I handle all my invoicing and the majority of my “desk” work in 1 day! I don’t worry about it the rest of the year.

After I make that 1 deposit, on that 1 day, all I focus on is coaching and teaching my kids.

It is a great feeling because all I WANT to worry about is my kids anyway! It is why I got into this business in the first place!

I am able to have this freedom because I have a fool-proof system for marketing and managing my business.

Want to know the truly amazing part?

I have had about a dozen major, mega-size baseball academies open up around me… and NONE of them can touch me!

Even with all their money and all their resources, they don’t affect my business one bit.

I really thought that some of the other coaches or big-name academies would have ripped-off my system by now… but the truth is that they can’t figure it out!

I Will Expose My Secrets – and My Complete Business Model To YOU…

I want you to understand that your coaching business can be whatever YOU want it to be. You could take my exact business model and put it into use however it works with your life.

You can coach whatever YOU want to coach… pitching, hitting, etc…

You could use my business model to bring-in a few clients and make an extra $500 a month to help pay for a new car, or your kid’s college… or just bring in extra spending money!


You could use my business model to leave the job you hate and start your own 6-figure enterprise. And the best part about it is that this will be a job you will truly love.

  • You’re getting to see exactly what I did – step-by-step – so you can go out and set-up your own successful business.
  • You’re gonna learn all the mistakes I made – so you don’t have to make them.
  • You’ll know exactly how to market your business – so you don’t have to waste money on ineffective advertising.
  • You’ll see exactly how to organize and run your business – so you can easily manage your business, hassle-free.
  • You’ll get the security you need to get started – so you can take that first step without fear and without hesitation.

You don’t have to be some baseball guru, you don’t have to be an expert, you don’t have to be an ex-player… you don’t even need to be a successful coach.

All you need is a passion for baseball and a love for coaching kids because that is all you really need to build your business.

My 4-Week Training Program

Right now I am offering you the chance get your hands on my complete system that gives you everything you need to start your own baseball coaching business – and run it successfully!

I have already made the mistakes – and I have developed a fool-proof plan that will allow you to dominate the market in your area and earn the salary you deserve.

The platform for the program is really simple. You log-into our website using your personal user name and password – and you instantly gain access to all the information you need.

You will get instant access to the complete series of audio lessons, and each audio lesson will cover 1 specific thing you need to know.

To start you off, I give you a complete run-down of the entire program. All the general information you need to take that first step and set-up your business is all in this program.

I am going to tell you what to expect, what you need to do to get started, and every other piece of knowledge you need to become a professional baseball coach.

But in the entire system, I am going to go much more in-depth into the secrets and the tactics that will make you successful.

Just take a look at some of the information we will cover in the system …

  • Position Yourself
    You’ll know exactly how to position yourself, how to start spreading the word about who you are, what you do and what all you need to have in place before you begin giving lessons.
  • Consultations
    This is a major session because a good consultation is one of the ways you are going to become un-beatable to your competition. I will give you the perfect guide on how to give a consultation – so that you instantly establish confidence in your client and make them choose YOU over every other coach around.
  • Packaging Your Services
    You’ll learn how you can “chunk” your services – to they make you more money and make it much more appealing and attractive to your clients.
  • Up-Front Payments
    You’ll get the security you need to get started – so you can take that first step without fear and without hesitation.
  • Brochures
    You are going to need a brochure – this is one of the only costs that you will have to invest in to start your business… but if you are going to spend the money you need to know how to develop a brochure the RIGHT WAY.

    I have never seen a successful brochure in any baseball business (especially the coaching business) that I haven’t done myself. Most of them are ineffective because they talk about the wrong things and they all sell the wrong things. But with my methods, you will have a brochure that is highly effective and creditable.

  • Advertising
    There is bad advertising that will just waste your money – there is passable advertising that works a little (but still costs an arm and a leg). And then there is the most effective form of advertising out there (and most of this advertising is free). We will go over what works, what doesn’t and how you can make the most out of a non-existent advertising budget.
  • League Endorsements
    Most people I know who tries to approach local baseball leagues ends up looking like absolute idiots. But there is a way for you to get every single league in your area to ENDORSE YOU.

    Endorsements are one of the hardest things in marketing to accomplish – but I can show you exactly how YOU can get that. This is difficult for most people to do, but I have a system in place that you can follow to make this happen for you in NO TIME!

  • Funnel Business
    You’ll see how you can get ALL other businesses in your town to funnel business to you. I have seen this done the wrong way – and it actually can hurt your business because so many people just don’t understand how this works and how to use this method properly.

    But I can show you the most effective method that will make it worth a business’s while to promote you… and how you can turn your entire town into business generation for YOU.

  • Publicity
    You’ll learn publicity… Hell, I can make you famous! And this is just one of those things that 99% of people do the wrong way.

    But I can show you how to approach news and radio and TV outlets to get on the air – continually. And the more you are on the air the more you will build creditability and the more business you can generate.

  • Referrals
    You’ll learn how you can get your current clients to bring-in more clients. Most people just hand out their terrible brochures and ask people to pass it around their league or their friends – and it is just the dumbest thing ever!

    You need to know HOW to work referrals the right way… and I am going to show you just how to do that.

  • Product Generation
    You’ll learn how YOU CAN develop your own products – you can write your own books or create your own DVDs.

    Products are a great way to generate additional income, but they are even better at generating authority for yourself and your business. I will explain exactly how you can write books or develop DVDs… and how these money-making products will work like an authority magnet for your business.

  • “Value Triplifier Method”
    You’re getting my “Value Triplifier Method” which will allow you to TRIPLE the value of a lesson for your clients without it costing your client any additional money. This is something that will put you ahead of any competition and make your business simply untouchable.

But that’s not all… we are going to talk about how you can use direct mail without using your shirt, how to use email and maintain constant contact with your customers and much, much more!

How You Can Generate Money on Demand

One of the most powerful parts of my course is my own, personal system for generating “Money on Demand”.

“Money on Demand” is literally when you need money for something, you can get it.

A great example of this is when my wife wanted to add a deck, which was going to cost $3,000. I put together a clinic and a camp, I knew exactly what to do, exactly what to say and exactly who to go to with it… and BOOM – I made $4,000 and I built a very nice deck.

If you set-up your business right – you can get “Money on Demand” when you need it and never have to worry about any emergencies and any problems that might come-up in the future.

Your “Results-Only” Guarantee

This guarantee is simple. Either you get results – or I give you your money back.

And the best part is that I am giving you a full 60 days to make-up your mind.

This means that you could go through this entire course– TWICE – before you ever have to decide.

This gives you enough time to discover the information, put it to work for you and start seeing the profits roll in – before your guarantee ever expires.

And if you happen to decide that baseball coaching really isn’t for you – all you have to do is send me an email and I will instantly refund your money. You don’t have to return a thing.

This is how confident I am in this program.

And this is how confident I am that it will work for you!

Start Your Own Baseball Coaching Business and Generate More Clients Than You
Can Handle – TODAY!

This is the program that can change your life. It can give you a clear path to live your dream.

And the best part is that I am giving you a full 60 days to make-up your mind.

All you have to do is be passionate about coaching kids and coaching baseball – everything else I can teach you!

If you want to turn baseball coaching into a 6-figure career, then this is the course for you.

Your success is guaranteed and the cost for this course is minimal.

All you have to do is hit the order button, go through the 2-minute order process right now.

You can be building your own business by next week – regardless of your age or your experience. All you need is the passion – and this powerful system.

And the best part is that I am giving you a full 60 days to make-up your mind.

All you have to do is be passionate about coaching kids and coaching baseball – everything else I can teach you!

If you want to turn baseball coaching into a 6-figure career, then this is the course for you.

Your success is guaranteed and the cost for this course is minimal.

All you have to do is hit the order button, go through the 2-minute order process right now.

Digital Copy

Yes! Please give me instant access to download this amazing program right now.

Just $97


P.S. I Can Bring-In More Business Than You Can Handle

With my methods, your business will never suffer because I have the methods that will secure your place at the top of the baseball coaching market in your area.

You’re getting the methods that will have kids lined-up (or on your waiting list) to take lessons from you.

These are the secrets that will allow you to generate a powerful, successful 6-figure business without taking over all your time or draining your resources.

If you are really serious about becoming your own boss and making your business work – then the choice is clear. Join today!

P.P.S. Your success and your results are guaranteed.

You don’t have to send anything back – you don’t have to jump through any hoops or read the fine print. All you have to do is let me know that you are unhappy and your purchase will be refunded instantly.

You really don’t have any excuses NOT to order right now… this is the information you need to start your own 6-figure coaching business, so hit the order button and let’s get started!